amateur… It figures, they do it by heart and have a more open mind then most ‘professionals’…They simply don’t think “That’s impossible”…

– My favorite “taken from a forum” quote.  I don’t know why, but I love it.

Male, born in 1982, INFP, pisces, psychology degree, living in Eastern Europe, I have a twin brother…



  1. lopezdanm said,

    So did you off yourself, as INFP myself, I relate also…your blog was somewhat inspiring. Thanks.

  2. daydreaming_giraffe said,

    Yeah, reading your thoughts is as if I were reading my own diary…strange how we INFP types think…

  3. Vee Jay said,

    My friend, you have saved my effort of writting my thoughts. I would keep this blog as my personal diary..

    one more thing, are we INFP’s getting to some solution or do we have to live the whole life like this only…

    • infpidealist said,

      Thank you!

  4. LorrMaje said,

    Your most recent post about suicide got me out of that pit, at least for now. I hope, indefinitely. That post was in 2011. Where have you gone? I hope that you are happy and still following your goal: To help others be their best.

    • infpidealist said,

      Dear LorrMaje, I am fine, thank you! Still following my goal. I have been out of touch with the blog, that is all…

  5. KML said,

    This is amazing. I googled how to be happy as an INFP and was blown away by how much I identified with the most recent posts! I am a white Christian married woman who grew up very poor…I am guessing that we might be pretty different in at least a couple ways…yet I felt like I was reading something I could have written. It was good advice. It helped a lot. I think hope is something essential for a type so prone to depression. We care too much, we try so hard, and yet we feel like we don’t get as far. I remember reading that INFPs seldom take the same path to get to their goals as others, but that in the end they usually get there. I try to remember that. Thank you for giving so much good info and advice and for most of all letting people know they aren’t the only ones.

  6. su said,

    Thank you:) I love reading your posts. They’ve encouraged me a lot. Stay strong and sensitive. Keep on following your heart.

  7. verve77 said,

    Any updates? I can see parallels between you and my past self, though i wouldn’t say all my issues have been resolved

    • infpidealist said,


      Haven’t posted anything since a long time ago.
      I don’t know if this is specific to other INFPs or just to me, but I tend to drift from one project to another. This blog helped me a lot in the short time that I was active. It helped me deal with the stress in my life.

      If I had the time, I would still post. I want to do so many things but never have the time. In my mind things seem to take a lot shorter than in reality. 🙂

      A short update would be: I got married a few years ago and we have a 5 months old daughter. I have chosen a job out of passion (youth sports coach). Had my frustrations, but generally things are going well. Still, there is a thing worth mentioning: I don’t make much money. My relationship with money is not good (except that I like to spend them). However, I try to spend just as much as I make and I find that I don’t need much to be happy. I don’t feel the need to have expensive objects.
      All in all, I am good.

      If I were to give an advice, that would be: keep in touch with yourself and dance to your own beat. (I would’t say “follow your dream”, as that could be too risky…) But: the fact that I have found my wife, a woman who loves me as I am, helped a lot.

      • verve77 said,

        Congrats.. your choice of career sounds interesting… Youth sports coach is a pretty extroverted career. You sure you’re infp? 😁

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