INFP happy at work?

January 8, 2009 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)

The most miserable times of  my life were when I had a job. To put it simply, I’ve worked for about 3 years, in 3 different types of jobs. I was unhappy for about 2 and a half of these years. When I was happy I was only having a part-time job.

I know this might sound stupid to many people who want to make a career, to be someone, to have a respected position in society: if possible, I would live my entire life without a “normal” job.

When I am working I feel that I am wasting my time, my life. The structured schedule (even the starting and ending hours of the workday), the stress, the responsibilities, the conflicts that are sometimes impossible to avoid – all these drain me.

I know it would have been impossible to know all these about me without having the work  experience that I have. I wish I knew myself better when I was 18. Back then I did not even know what MBTI is.

I have changed my field of work, I have worked in fields that are quite well suited to an INFP. Even then, having a full time job was to much. I cannot do the same job for 8 hours a day by a schedule. It’s impossible, I just find my mind wondering off from time to time. I need to feel free to do as I care, to be able not to work if I feel like it.

I am not saying I don’t want to work, I want to be useful to someone else, or to create something useful. I am only saying that I cannot deal with doing the same thing for 8 hours a day. Having a regular type of job makes me feel STUCK.

My parents say that if I would not have any money or a place to live I would quit being so lazy. Who knows…


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  1. Bogoris said,

    “My parents say that if I would not have any money or a place to live I would quit being so lazy.” You would beg in the street. An INFP never compromise 😉 Hope you find your way mate !

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