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December 26, 2008 at 2:42 pm (writing) ()

I got drunk last night. As always when I am in a club full of people, I started thinking about the complexity of life.

About how people interact, about life stories, about how sometimes dreams come true but most of the time they don’t.

And I came with an idea for a novel. I’m full of ideas but I never make them happen – this is so INFP.

But here is something that I would write about: what happens with our dreams. What are we hoping for and what do we actually get in life.

I would have a kind of similar approach to love stories too. I would write about how things might come close to happening but never happening. About how much in life comes down to chance.

And last but not least, maybe my most interesting idea to explore in a book: I like a girl, I would love to be with her… but I am not sure it would be the best thing for her. I know I can make her happy, but I know I could also make her suffer. Like many others, I am not the traditional man who finds a woman and loves her all his life. I happen to change my mind a lot, to fall in love with the wrong girls, to suffer and to make girls suffer. If a girl has a boyfriend who seems to love her I might ask myself: am I doing her a good thing if I make her fall in love with me?



  1. yeshim said,


    I think doing any good to someone by having a relationship is questionable.Not only the ones we fall in love, but also our relatives, friends and alike should be taken into consideration.Do we do any good people around us by giving our love and affection?Do we always make them happy?Don’t we make them cry, make them regret of loving us?For INFPs, the situation is that we don’t know how to get started, and once we manage to do it, here comes how to come to an end. This is the most unsuccessful part of our journey.To be able to come an end…We hardly start to something, we have the passion, the feeling of coming to an end and make a big thing, something which has never been done before, the most dramatic, the most meaningful, the most valuable one…However, no result we have in at the end…Because we lose interest.But we shouldn’t forget that to love someone isn’t just an interest.To be loved, to be cared of, to have a relationship- a meaningful one these are all so important for our lives that we can’t imagine how they turn our life out a jouney.They explain how we really need someone when we lose INTEREST in ourselves.Well, if we think that love is a kind of interest, just a kind of life experience, we should bear the risk of being just an interest for someone else, too one day.Maybe what you mean by loving is compassion, passion or you know what i mean…But love is not the same thing…We may be loved, we may need to be loved…And we can’t say that we need because we want to be interested in, noone wants to be an interest.Everyone wants to be needed, or wanted it doesn’t matter.We want something everlasting which will hold our hands when we need, but surely we won’t be aware of how we need that hand unless our life becomes dumbled down.But we will just know that somebody is waiting for us in case of falling and if we are losing interest in ourselves, the world around us.HE/SHE will be there for us if we don’t make them feel that they are just a part of our journey, but our beloved ones, the ones whom we draw the lines of our destiny, journey together…

    PC: First time i had taken the MBTI test i had scored INFJ.During the year i have been scoring INFP.However last time i did, i scored INFj again.So what does it mean actually? I’m confused really.Also I’ve recognized that i feel better when I plan, and feel more confident when I know what to do with me, to be able to decide on something to give a start.As far as I suppose I’m an INFJ, but slightly maybe, not at an intermediate level…

  2. yeshim said,

    Hi again,

    http://www.infjorinfp.com/ tells something about my problem hehe i seem like an INFP to my self because i don’t make any effort to be a around people but INFJ does and some of the INFJ even’t don’t know that they are inroverts 🙂 But i’m quite sure of it 🙂

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