INFP and making money

December 25, 2008 at 5:34 pm (INFP) (, , )

INFPs have something in them that makes them want to “sacrifice for a cause”.

This is why it is very difficult for INFPs to make money. But as I said, we don’t need as much money as other types do. We do need attention, we do need recognition – and money is considered today a kind of recognition of one’s value.

We are just not business oriented. I guess we could learn to make money, but we will not make money in the way that other types do.

If I don’s like my job I have very few chances of becoming successful and making money. If I love my job I have a big chance of becoming successful but I most probably sell myself short because it is hard for me to negociate.

Or put it in another way, if I don’t like my employee I will not work for him, if I like him, I would accept a small salary. If I don’t have a cause beyond money I will not work hard enough, if I have a cause I would most probably sacrifice my well-being for my cause – I will accept to work for very little money.

We are in a trap. In many ways being an INFP feels like being in a trap. I believe that we must find a way of getting out of the trap, while still remaining true to ourselves.

Do I want money? Yes. Do I want to get a “usual” career and work hard for money? No.



  1. Carlo said,

    money money i want money i am an infp that is SICK to DEATH of being poor and gifted–a real closet genius–a van gogh, a monet–only to be told by others that “money doesn’t matter! we love you as you are! smile smile be happy!” maybe if you are a rich boomer, fine. but what if you are a struggling gen x writer with a massive student debt and a patchy cv full of working class jobs that–you guessed it–infps are born to HATE! I mean, sure, money doesn’t matter, except that I will be dead, or homeless, or in prison without it. Poverty has turned THIS infp from an idealist into a realist. Money matters. Plain and simple.

    • Richinfp said,

      Best comment ever

    • Mary said,

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Rob said,

    Yep Carlo pretty much nailed our dilemma.

    We INFPs can see the damn dilemmas, and many global problems; we even have some very visionary ideas for solutions, but we just can’t stand developing the mechanization (pitching(selling) our ideas, the politics, money, connections, time, power-posturing, etc.) needed to implement the solutions to help solve the problems.

  3. Carlo said,

    Thanks Rich and Rob, sounds like we are on the same page.
    Today, empathy is still not seen as a useful skill in the job market. And to think original heart felt thoughts, to have bold insight, to speak out of turn–all, in my mind, infp traits par excellence–are considered red flags rather than company assets. INFPs make great whistle blowers, like the one woman working for Enron who started questioning the company’s illegal accounting tactics and was ostracized for it and then canned. I have experienced similar predicaments, which makes it hard obtaining referees for job applications. We are seen as bridge burners. Corporations, especially at my level, want you to shut up and produce, to be a cog in their wheel, to smile and nod while they exploit you. Let’s face it: capitalism was not made for INFPs. The only INFPs who have a chance in our world today are the ones with trust funds, who can snuggle cozy inside academe, or the upper class world of therapy.

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