first sentence (again)

December 25, 2008 at 4:44 pm (writing) (, )

Sometimes, one might have to bet his entire life on a single idea. George Cole didn’t like betting.

This is just an idea of a first sentence that I might like to use – …ok, ok, these are actually 2 sentences, I know. I might never write a book, but I like gathering ideas just in case.

I even came with an interesting idea for a story. I don’t know how it might end, but I know It could become interesting.

It’s about to friends – or even brothers – that are very close. TheOneCalledA has always helped TheOneCalledB as they grew up, so B is looking for a way to give something back to A. He could not make him any material gift as A is already doing very well and has everything that he needs, so B decides to make A an original and unique gift: to acquaint him with the loveliest lady that he will meet before A’s next birthday – considering A to be a good catch and actually looking for someone special.

I believe this kind of story could become very interesting. I believe that a story can become as much a success as it relates to unconscious themes that describe us humans. I believe great stories happen all the time, and a writer should know how to “make them more dramatic” and bring them in the spot light.


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