INFP – the best type to be?

December 15, 2008 at 11:21 am (INFP) (, )

It only feels fair to ask this question too, since in my last post I asked myself if INFP is the worst type to be.

I must admit I cannot find my words as easy this time, but YES, I often feel that I love who I am.

I believe INFPs are a special kind of people. We are rare compared to other types. And not only are we rare, but we are very different compared to most other people. That makes us unique in a way. And it makes us feel special. It is important for INFPs to feel unique – and we are lucky to actually be unique.

Yes, we need appreciation. I feel we are highly appreciated by most others, but we just don’t see it. We are not very outgoing, we don’t have a lot of fun with other people, we are not the usual type of friend for other people. But once people get to know us, I think we are a kind of special friends. We are that kind of friend that people like to meet from time to time and have a serios talk about their lifes.

I know I am a tressured friend. Sometimes I might not talk to a friend of mine for months and yet when we meet we talk about our problems and our feelings and I know that he/she needed the conversation and problably could not have it with other friends.

I advise INFPs to work with teens. Teens love us, we accept them as they are and we understand them and support them in their quests. I worked with 15-18 years old teens for 4 months and they sure liked me. Adults don’t show their appreciation in such an honest and oped way.

I believe INFPs are great lovers, great partners and great parents. On the other side we have this problem with committing, or at least I do. Sometimes I feel I would love to live like in Sweet November. I would chose a girl and love her for a month with all my heart. And the next month I would love another one. I could do that. I want to offer my love and feel appreciated for it.

… well… I am kind of short on arguments here…

I love being and INFP and doing nothing or reading or daydreming, but I don’t know if this is an argument that we are a good type to be.

My main problem with being an INFP is that somehow I feel we are not made to make money. Actualy money frighten me in a way. I lose self-confidence and become demotivated when I have to ask for money for my services. Money does not motivate me in the way it motivates other people. And still I would love to have them.

I admire Mother Thereza, Mahatma Gandhi, and Vincent Van Gogh, but still I would like to have money and live an easy life. Not to be rich, but to have enough money as not to need to take a job that I don’t want only because I need money.

When I will find a way to have enough money while being who I am and what I am, I will definetely feel that it is great to be an INFP.

We have to many self-doubts.



  1. yeshim said,

    Hi again,

    I totally agree with you that when we start to make money as INFPs we will have a real peace in our minds and hearts and all the doubts about ourselves will be gone 🙂 🙂

  2. Kazza said,

    Dudes! Not about making money! What if you were in a poor culture which had no money?

    Rejoice in being the rare INFP. It is a gift!! Love life. Be you.

  3. tommygobragh said,

    I’d rather love love than love money. Truly, it’s easier to fill a cottage with love than a castle with gold.

  4. Ø said,

    “On the other side we have this problem with committing, or at least I do. Sometimes I feel I would love to live like in Sweet November. I would chose a girl and love her for a month with all my heart. And the next month I would love another one. I could do that. I want to offer my love and feel appreciated for it.”

    ah…this explains a lot. I think my ex-girlfriend might have been an INFP…

  5. Valerie Ma said,

    Totally agree with everything you said 🙂 I have been in a very very tough situation in my life for the last year or two (basically struggling to find a way to make money and still keep my sanity, plus having a horrible unsuitable relationship that tore my self-esteem to smithereens…) but now I`m finally starting to remember that I`m an INFP (the trouble, I now realize, was caused by being too afraid of judgement from others to show my INFP characteristics) and I can`t say enough how much I love being INFP. Even though life can be terribly lonely and anxious, I don`t think I`d ever choose to be anything other than INFP. We can FEEL and EXPRESS things that others don`t! We can understand people and help them. We have a rich inner world with tons of thoughts and memories and emotions and ideas, even when we`re not doing anything at all! How awesome is that? Much better than living a shallow life, in my opinion.

    • infpidealist said,

      I know what you been about being afraid to show who you are. My life changed a lot for the better when I started coming out to people as the real me. For example I started telling my friends: “I don’t like going out”. It feels good to be your true self. People feel that you are authentic and really alive and usually they like you even more.

  6. Sherona (@lopyloua) said,

    All what you said in this post is exactly how I feel, esp the reading and doing nothing which somehow I yearn for all the time:) and the money too, cos I know it is vital in life but love seems to be the important element of me living.

  7. lara said,

    I love being an INFP! And I’m only 17!!

  8. prizzy said,

    This is very touching. I was asking the same question. I think I need time and growth to finally realize how special the “Idealist Healers” are.

  9. Isa said,

    Thanks!I love your blog, I read many INFP blogs but yours is the one I feel closest too! I just found out that I’m INFP in my 40s and it explains so much, after years of therapy and yes it’s tough in the morning and sometimes you wish you could press the exit-escape button as the world makes you feels angry or like a misfit. I’m still struggling with making money ,it’s really hard negociating fees etc but at least I am very happy as a freelance designer after years being miserable in offices so slowly getting there , living with my INFJ partner and my cat, hope to read more of you in 2014 and that you are well and wishing the best to all the others out there on the magic web.

  10. Susana said,

    I’m an INFP at 15 years old hahaah what, but I’m proud of it, so there! I agree with you. really touching blog by the way 🙂

  11. Aru said,

    I m an INFP too, but WE ARE NOT SPECIAL. Rare doesn’t mean special, we just might be good people somehow. But I don’t consider myself special. It’ just me. Please, let,s not be narcisstic

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