At peace with myself, at peace with the world

December 14, 2008 at 10:45 pm (INFP, Understanding the world) (, , , )

I felt at peace with myself the last two days. An INFP at peace with his/her own self is a happy one. For me this is happiness: to feel good in my own skin, to feel at peace with myself, to feel at peace with the world.

I wanted to analyze why this happened.

What are the conditions that can make an INFP feel at peace?

1. I believe we need knowledge. Yes, we need to understand the world more than other types do. I advise all other INFPs to try and learn as much as possible about the other MBTI types. It helps us understand why other people behave the way they do.

2. Accept that people are as they are. You will feel more detached from what you don’t like in this world when you will accept that, just like you are a sensitive INFP, others are other types that are just different.

3. Do not try to be what you are not. I believe that understanding the other MBTI types helps a lot. You get to understand why different types are good at different things. Why the way that each type can achieve success is different. You see what are the strengths of other types, but also what are their weaknesses. And of course you get to see what are your strengths and the ways that you can be useful in this society – what you can do that other types can’t. We, INFPs, look at our weaknesses to much.

4. Avoid pressure. I believe this is key. I cannot be happy when I am under pressure. I am mostly talking about pressure coming from other people, but administrative tasks are a great stress for INFPs too. Unfortunately most jobs imply pressure, but still some imply less pressure that others.

5. Be with people that you feel connected to. Feeling accepted and loved for who you are is the best feeling for an INFP. Old friends give me a great feeling.

6. Dream a dream. We only live once, but if we life as we want, once is enough. As I read somewhere: the greatest thing about life is that we get to choose our pursposes.

We, INFPs, dance to a different drum. DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF to dance to the same drum as all others.

CONCLUSION: Understanding all the MBTI types will help you see why others don’t understand you and, ironically, you will see that you will feel less affected by the “nobody understands me” syndrome.

You will also see that you have a gift in your special ability of understanding others.



  1. yeshim said,


    I must confess that i’m really stuck between being organized ,being aware of senses, being mindful and being here and now, being focused and productive, having selfconfidence, being sociable, being independent and being an INFP πŸ™‚ I don’T know i take the test nearly a dozen times and even i know since i was a child that i was an INFP πŸ™‚ I’m quiet but i’m cheerful, i talk too little, but i listen for hours, i’m alone but i’m always there if someone needs help, i cannot make a full understanding sentence if it is to talk in front of the crowd, but i can write pages of short stories to read, i cannot plan to do sth but if i like to do sth, i don’t need any plans because the only thing i do is the thing i like to do etc…However, in these days, i see that i’m not happy with who i’m.Because i have done wrong choices with my life.I’m a graduate of business administration and ,international trade but nothing interests me in them.I thought of being a human resources recuiter or sth else but it didn’t make me feel that it’s the right one.Now everyone (my family, frinends, boy friend..) wants to see that i’m making a move with my career path…But nothing is clear in my mind…I’ve spent i a year to find out who really i am and i took the test of MBTI, and the result didn’t make surprised as i mentioned before…Recently i see that i both want to be sensual and intuitive.For instance, i love to listen to music, let it inspire me, make me write about my feelings.But also i love to listen to the music, hearing the tone of the voice, instruments, which make me feel i’m here and now, mindful…In the first phase, i experience of being creative, being head over the clouds…In the second phase, i feel grounded, relaxed, nothing bothers my mind…On the other hand, when i wake up, i want to know and be sure of what i’m opening my eyes for.I want to be sure of what my aim is, what i stand for.But, also i like to let it flow, let it be, let the day bring what it wants to, i like to not knowing where to go, what to do…Some day, i think that i don’t need anyone around, but some day i yell and say what the f**k happened to these people that they don’t call me anymore?Some day i hate to read anything written on a piece of paper even my horoscope.But some day i feel so superficial that i try to read anything to improve my knowledge about sth i’m interested in….Some day i say to my self that i must be more social, i should network etc, but the other day i say that i can handle it on my own…Sometimes i try to use my mind while making decisions, but sometimes i directly forget about the comman sense, and become an emotional disaster.I really don’t know what to do , who to be, what to like, how to be happy…You know being an INFP means being the ultimate savior, we listen to problmes of others, we solve them, we resolve them, we mediate conflicts etc..But these days i hate all…People really make me sick…I want to be listened but the worse of it, i cannot tell sth to someone to make it become his problem not mine!Anyway…I just want to write here and want to say that the blog is really useful…Maybe you can tell what is wrong with me πŸ™‚ Thanks for creating the blog and become a productive INFP πŸ™‚

    • infpidealist said,

      Dear Yeshim, thank you for the comment and for reading my blog.

      I believe nothing is wrong with you, nothing is wrong with us INFPs.

      The following post, titled “INFP – the worst type to be?” is a reply to your comment.

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