What everyone should know

December 13, 2008 at 12:11 am (Psychology) (, , )

I believe that there are movies that everyone should see, like Crash (2004).

I also believe that there are things that everyone should know.

Like that if you are a “more knowing person” and you want to teach a “less knowing person” something, there are 3 attitudes that you need to adopt.

The idea comes from Carl Rogers, one of the most important psychologists of all times. These attitudes apply if you are a therapist, a teacher, a friend, or anyone who wants to help someone else develop a skill.

Rogers studied what therapists of different theoretical orientations did and found out that no matter the orientation, no matter the problem that the client had, no matter the methods used, the therapists that were successful were the ones that managed to have the right attitudes towards their clients.

These 3 attitudes are:



unconditional positive regard

What this means: try to understand the one you are dealing with (try to see the world through his/her eyes), be authentic (genuine, implicated) and, always assume that the one you are dealing with is doing his/her best (and they usually are, at least according to the way that they see things).

It has been proven that this is the best climate for people to learn in. I have tried it in my work as a sport psychologist and it worked. Unfortunately most coaches and most teachers in my country have no idea about this.

I would love to hear from you what other things you blieve that everyone should know, or do, or see!


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