the INFP traps

December 12, 2008 at 11:22 am (INFP) (, )

In my previous post I talked about how the Sensing people resist change. And that the Thinking  iNtuitive want a different kind of changes than the Feeling iNtuitive people.

INFPs need appreciation. I have quit my last job because I did not feel appreciated at all. “They” felt I was making no effort at all or that my efforts were in the wrong direction. Funny thing is that I felt the same about their efforts.

The colleagues that I had to deal with were ESTJ and xSTx, and my boss was ENTx. There was an executive manager who was probably an xNFx that I was getting along great with but we only worked together on a few occasions.

INFPs are idealists. They dream of a change in the world. And here come the INFP traps.

Trap number 1: INFPs dream of changes that most other people don’t really think about, but in the same time INFPs need to feel appreciated.

Trap number 2: INFPs dream of changes but rarely have the force to produce the changes that they want (specially because most of the people actually don’t want or don’t care about these type of changes).

Can we escape these traps?

I believe that we can. But we need to act smart. We need to act according to who we are. We need to find people that appreciate us and that support us. And we need to put force behind our actions. Most certanly we will encounter at one point or another resistentce from Sensing people or from Thinking people. At that point we will need to believe in us.

The part that makes me feel good and special is that xNFx have gifts that the other types don’t have. We see what changes need to be done for the better of the people that other types just don’t see. What comes natural to us doesn’t come natural to them and vice-versa.


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  1. Thomas said,

    Nice piece, quite accurate for me as a infp/infj. I think it might be even more than appreciation. Its a general caring for the world and all its people on it. (Almost) a spiritual view of life. Thats what drives us intuitive feelers.


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