INFP and stress

December 12, 2008 at 11:27 pm (INFP) (, )

I believe that most stress management methods don’t really work.

I have tried many of them.

I have also tried many self-help techniques. I wanted to be more motivated. I wanted to be more organized. I wanted to believe in me more. I wanted to be what I am not. Sometimes I got positive result, but only for short amounts of time.

As an INFP I always seem to end up in the same place: disappointed with life and feeling drained. Not unhappy in a real way, but rather empty, lacking life.

Considering that I am a big fan of MBTI, I believe it makes perfect sense for different types to have different methods of relieving stress and filling with energy.

And I have found on a website some advice for INFPs that seems to make perfect sense. I wanted to share it with all other INFPs.

“Find an exciting new idea or project to pursue.”

“Begin to own your own power and your need to compete and achieve.”

The only problem is that if we change the project that we pursue to often we might never get anything done. I believe that what we need is to have a few projects and switch our focus from one project to another one.

Also, I find it very useful to talk to other people about my plans. I get energized when I tell people what I would like the “end product” to look like.

But wait… there is another thing that I want to mention.

Most INFPs report that “closing off possibilities and committing self is very stressful”. I can relate perfectly.t

Maybe this is why I had my first girlfriend when I was 18. I always felt that being with a girl implied closing off possibilities of being with other ones. If only I could meet that perfect girl that I would know for sure is the best I’ll ever find :). Then I will not be so stressed about committing.

It reminds me of a saying that I used to have: “reality will never match imagination”.



  1. Elizabeth Stanfill said,

    It appears that your labels and paradigms may be preventing you from getting what you really want. For example, your journey of stress management is exactly that, a journey. It will always evolve back and forth to new successful practices to old stressful habits but if you give up there, of course you will be back where you use to be. Keep moving towards what you want, on your journey, and you will realize that stress management can be very successful. Life is an ever evolving journey and we have a choice to get better and better or we can just keep giving up and resorting to our labels.

    I write these words in hopes to be helpful and not unkind in any way.

    Good luck to you on your journey. You can have, be, do what you want, you just have to believe 🙂

  2. INFP for Life said,

    Have you tried Meditation or Mindfulness?

    As a fellow INFP-er, I’ve found it to be very helpful. Basically, I used to burden myself with too many (and often idealistic/perfectionist) worries. And once I was able to slow down my life (because I can’t slow down the world) and appreciate each moment, I was able to see that the majorities of worries and anxieties I have that create a lot of unnecessary stress in my life are not worth worrying about because a) I can’t do anything about them or b) I am doing something about them in the best way I can and that’s good enough.

    Also, maybe your environment adds to your stress. Sometimes, changing one’s environment for the better can make profound changes in one’s stress level. I know it has for me.

    Also, I agree with the previous post from Elizabeth Stanfill…”Life is an ever evolving journey…”

    Thanks for this INFP-centric site!

  3. infpidealist said,

    INFP for Life,
    Thank you for the comment.

    I have not tried exactly meditation, but as I studied psychology I know that what we think determines how we feel. The problem is that it does not work all the time. I can’t really choose my thoughts all the time.
    And if there is to much stress, then it simply stops working. Whatever I do, I still have the stress in the back of my mind.

  4. Fabi said,

    My recommendations are isolation tanks and guided meditations. I also try to excercise, take a vitamin, and make sure i get healthy stuff, greens, fruits, grains (Quinoa, oatmeal, amaranth), and omega 3’s in my diet.

    I haven’t yet tried floating in an isolation tank but I’ve read it’s an excellent tool for relaxation and meditation. I got interested in it when I saw videos about it on youtube. I’ve since read all about it and it sounds like it’s amazing and a genuine potential path to enlightenment.

    Currently I’m finding comfort in guided meditations. The one’s I’m using are from I find they are easier than just meditating by myself, and it’s been particularly useful to upload guided meditation podcasts to my phone. Good podcasts almost feel like friends to me.

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