I love to support people

December 12, 2008 at 11:47 pm (INFP) (, , )

My last job was as a sport psychologist.

I have worked 4 months for a youth center of a football (soccer) club.

It was the best job that I ever had.

Working with young persons is great for an INFP. Maybe not very young ones. I worked with boys that were 15 years old to 18 years old. Believe me, my relationship with the kids was great. I felt very useful and the kids loved me because I took interest in them. I cared about them.

If you are wondering what a sport psychologist does, google it :). Wikipedia actually has a very good explanation.

Anyway, with my need for being unique I must say that I did the job in my very own way. So the explanation that you will find on the internet might not be exactly an explanation of what I was doing with those kids.

My purpose there was to help each and every one of them to achieve their best.

I quit this job about a month ago. Tonight one of the kids started to talk to me on instant messenger. We ended up having a conversation about his soccer life. I feel that I helped him focus on his career, I motivated and inspired him, and I also gave him some practical advice for improving his performance. Basically I did what I used to get paid for, but this time out of pleasure.

It gave me a great feeling of being useful, of doing something good and important for that kid. It reminded me how great my job could be.

Unfortunately my job had some very unpleasant parts too. Actually I believe the job was the right one, but the club I worked for was not.

An interesting fact is that I do not feel that I could have such a great relation with a grown-up person (the kid I talked to tonight is 17). I feel intimidated when talking to most grown-ups. 😦


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