Better education implies change

December 12, 2008 at 10:46 am (Understanding the world) (, , , , )

Do you know who Jaime Escalante is? What about Albert Cullum?

If you don’t know who these guys were, let me tell you. They were astonishing teachers. Both had unconventional ways of teaching and both achieved great results.

I don’t know how they did it. But, for what I am about to say it is not important how they did it.

I asked myself: if there were these teachers that achieved these results, why doesn’t every teacher in the western world try to teach by their methods?

And I believe MBTI can help us understand why this isn’t happening. It has implications for INFP too.

You see, it is estimated that only around 25-30 percent of people are iNtuitive, with the rest being Sensing. Well, Sensing people resist change. iNtuitive people always want change.

Ok. So we have this huge education system that we need to change. Who could do it? Obviously it can not be a Sensing type. So it could be an xNxx.

We need an iNtuitive. But a Feeling one or a Thinking one? I believe it can only be a Feeling one. Thinking people are not so much interested in people so they want a better education system. They support change, but are more rational. An xNTx principal might have a plan to make is his the best by existing standards, but I doubt he will dream of a school that wants to change the standards and offer better genuine education for people.

In my opinion, the ones that could bring a deep change for the better of the education system are xNFx.

As a note, I do not live in the US, but the problem with the education system is present in many countries, mine included.

MBTI helped me understand that only a small part of the comunity think of a better teaching system. I don’t know exactly how many xNFx are there, but if there are about 25-30% iNtuitives and about 50% of the Feeling type, than maybe 12-15% are xNFx. Even if they are better represented in the education system, I believe they are still a minority. This could be the reason why, even if there will be more original, highly successful teachers, the education might not change. Unless one or more xNFx find the power to produce this change.



  1. ellzrae said,


    I’m reading your blog from the link you left on my blog. I like your blog. Keep writing. 🙂 Something you said about iNtuitives being part of 30% of the population struck me. Partially because I noticed that surveys, done in my country are quite predictable. Almost 30% of the population would go for the most liberal choice. I can’t help but believe most of them are iNtuitives, with sprinklings of SFPs. In order for change to happen, iNtuitives need to convince the other part of the population, maybe the FPs sitting on the fence and even the TJ(with very good logic).

    I think you are saying that for the education system to change, you need more visionaries in the form of NFs. The problem is visionaries prefer to be in places where they can make changes easily (less established industries) and each one person is respected and appreciated. It is asking a lot for an NF to climb the long hard road to the top in a established industry like education. They must be prepared to fight very hard for the ideals.

  2. infpidealist said,

    ellzrae, thank you for the comment.
    It is not easy for NFs to produce a change in this industry and this is why I say NFs need to FIND the power. Maybe I should have said: to find a way.

    I believe that understanding this kind of things should make NFs less disappointed if they do not manage to produce the change that they want (as they are a minority) and even make them value themselves more for what they are.

  3. matt said,

    Interesting reading. I guess I could say I’m a failed teacher.. I gave up at the final hurdle, realising that life in the coalfront of teaching would kill me, rather than allow me room to instigate change. The senior management are the ones who can survive the system.. it’s not the thin-skinned idealist types!

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