INFP with ENTJ and ESFJ parents

December 11, 2008 at 9:09 am (INFP, MBTI) (, , , )

You see, I am living with my parents at the moment. They own a small/medium size company that they have started from scratch almost 20 years ago. Both of them are hard-working people. I don’t know their types for sure, but I am almost sure my dad is ENTJ and my mom is ESFJ.

I have the N in common with my dad: the fact that we both like to make plans for improving things or creating something new.

With my mom, I have in common the F part: we both try to create a pleasant environment wherever we are and we both avoid conflicts and have a need for appreciation and closesness in our relationships.

But that’s where it stopts.

What I don’t have in common with my father is that he has no problem with raising his voice. Conflict means nothing to him. He can have a fight one moment and be perfectly relaxed the next one. And believe me, it can be frustrating to have someone like him around. I frustrate him with my need for privacy and my lack of organization. He frustrates me with his coldness, no interest in how people feel only in getting things done. I must admit, he is efficient.

My mom, well she is the traditional hard working type. I believe all SJs have this “traditional working” style in them. At least she cares for how people feel, tries to understand them and avoids creating conflict. When I was growing up she never manifested anger at me, my brother or my sister, but sometimes she showed her disappointment in us. Unfortunately, somehow, disappointment and lack of appreciation can hurt an INFP as much as anger can. Again, it is a case of me frustrating her, and her frustrating me. Although, I must admit that I probably cause her more stress than she causes me.

They are both good people. I wish I knew more about MBTI when I was younger, so that I could understand them better and accept them as they are.

I also have a sister who is probably an xSTJ. Maybe a bit more I than E. So probably an ISTJ.

I have a twin brother who I believe to be an INFP like me, but maybe not so much I and not so much P.

My brother in law is an ExFx, and I would say ESFP.

Today my dad woke me up at 8 in the morning although I have nothing to do. He did it because my so called lazyness is frustrating for him – he did not mention it but I know. I will talk about this and my prefered working-hours in the following post.


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