December 7, 2008 at 1:34 am (writing) ()

I consider this blog a place to practice my writing skills. English is not my mother tongue.

Just like an artist makes sketches before making a painting, I believe that a writer can make his own kind of sketches. It’s a way of playing with ideas, trying to express feelings or to construct stories, or to create characters.

Written painting. I don’t know if there exists something like this. I suppose there is.

By a written painting I understand a written work with no action. Just a static situation. Some characters expressing feelings. Scenes. I guess this kind of writing might not be very appealing to the reader, but a great exercise to the writer.

I haven’t read Leo Tolstoy’s Crime and Punishment. I’ve heard that the novel is about a man that murders someone just because he wanted to see how it feels (…or something like that).

I have a friend who wants to turn the action of the book into a screenplay for a movie, with the action taking place nowadays.

I came up at a certain point with a way in which someone might actually commit a murder because it sees it as a solution for him to grow up as a person. I could turn that into a sketch or even a psychological novel at some point later in my life. Maybe I should read more about Crime and Punishment.

I have other ideas for sketches. Like a book that has as a purpose to show how different people can be. Or one that compares more people that are in similar situations. Basically we all have the same tasks in life, most importantly to get a job/career and get&stay happily married.

The rich and the poor. This is another subject to analyze.

I’ll try to come with as many sketches as possible and in time make them grow into short stories and maybe even novels.

Wish me luck!

BTW: Wish me luck! – a great first sentece in my opinion. Like with a kid leaving home for an important date :), or task.


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